Upgrade your whiteboard experience with maxtek dry erase markers – a set of 12 high-quality, smudge-free marker pens designed for convenience and longevity. These markers boast a unique combination of features that make them the perfect choice for school, office, and home use.


bullet tip: maxtek whiteboard marker pens come with a durable bullet tip, allowing for precise and consistent writing on any whiteboard surface. The fine point creates sharp lines, making your writing legible and easy to read.
smudge-free: tired of dealing with messy whiteboard smudges? Maxtek dry erase markers offer a smudge-free writing experience, ensuring your board stays clean and your work remains pristine.
low-odor: our markers are designed with a low-odor ink formula, making them safe and pleasant to use in any environment. Say goodbye to headaches and discomfort caused by strong-smelling markers.
vibrant colors: with 12 assorted colors in the pack, maxtek dry erase markers bring a touch of creativity to your whiteboard. The vivid colors help make your notes and diagrams stand out, engaging your audience and facilitating effective communication.


time-saving: maxtek whiteboard markers are quick-drying, which means your writing won’t smudge or smear, saving you time on clean-ups and ensuring your work remains intact.
multipurpose: suitable for use on all whiteboard surfaces, maxtek dry erase markers are versatile and ideal for a variety of settings, from classrooms and conference rooms to home offices and study areas.
cost-effective: our pack of 12 markers offers excellent value for money. With their long-lasting ink and sturdy construction, you’ll enjoy consistent performance without needing frequent replacements.
environmentally friendly: maxtek’s low-odor, non-toxic ink formula is safe for both users and the environment. Our commitment to sustainability means you can feel good about using our products.


improved productivity: with maxtek dry erase markers, you can effortlessly create clear, engaging presentations, making it easier to communicate ideas and concepts.
enhanced creativity: the variety of vibrant colors allows for more creative and visually appealing notes, diagrams, and illustrations, boosting the overall learning experience.
comfort and safety: our low-odor markers are gentle on the senses, ensuring a comfortable and safe working environment for users of all ages.

unlock the full potential of your whiteboard with maxtek dry erase markers. These 12 smudge-free, low-odor whiteboard marker pens with bullet tips are the ultimate solution for all your whiteboard needs. Experience the difference for yourself – order your set today! Maxtek whiteboard. Magnetic board. Dry erase board. Mobile whiteboard. Explore the premium quality and durability. Perfect for both professional and personal use.


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