Introducing the maxtek combination whiteboard & cork bulletin board, a versatile and practical addition to your homeschool, office, or classroom environment. Designed using the fab (features, advantages, and benefits) model, this 24 x 18 inches combo dry erase board with a black aluminum frame provides a magnetic whiteboard surface alongside a cork bulletin board for optimal organization and communication. Enhance your productivity and creativity with this 2′ x 1.5′ hanging message board, expertly crafted for wall mounting.


combo whiteboard & cork bulletin board: enjoy the convenience of a magnetic dry erase surface and a cork bulletin board in a single unit.
sturdy black aluminum frame: the sleek black aluminum frame adds durability and style to any space.
wall mounted design: hang this 2′ x 1.5′ message board with ease, perfect for any homeschool, office, or classroom setting.
magnetic dry erase surface: write, erase, and rewrite with ease on the smooth, easy-to-clean whiteboard surface.


space-saving solution: the combination of whiteboard and cork bulletin board maximizes functionality without sacrificing valuable wall space.
easy installation: quickly and securely mount the message board with the included installation hardware.
versatile use: ideal for planning, brainstorming, organizing, and displaying important information in various environments.


boost productivity: the dual-function design allows for efficient communication, organization, and collaboration.
enhance creativity: inspire ideas and brainstorming sessions with a versatile and easily accessible writing surface.
improve organization: keep important notes, memos, and reminders in one centralized location for easy reference.

upgrade your homeschool, office, or classroom with the maxtek combination whiteboard & cork bulletin board. This 24 x 18 inches combo dry erase board with a black aluminum frame offers the perfect balance of functionality and style, ensuring seamless organization and communication. Don’t miss out on the benefits of this unique and practical message board – order now! Maxtek whiteboard. Magnetic board. Mobile whiteboard. Explore the premium quality and durability. Perfect for both professional and personal use.


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