Introducing the maxtek double-sided rolling whiteboard – a practical and versatile solution for all your creative and collaborative needs. Whether you’re organizing a brainstorming session, presenting your ideas, or planning your next big project, this mobile whiteboard is the perfect addition to any workspace. Available in two generous sizes, 70 x 36 and 72 x 40 inches, it offers ample space for all your notes, drawings, and diagrams.

double-sided magnetic whiteboard: maximize your writing space with two large, smooth surfaces that are perfect for both dry erase markers and magnetic accessories.
easy-to-clean surface: effortlessly wipe away your notes and ideas with the non-staining, scratch-resistant, and ghosting-free surface.
sturdy construction: built to last with a robust aluminum frame, reinforced corners, and a durable steel stand.
mobility and convenience: move the whiteboard effortlessly between rooms with its four lockable caster wheels, ensuring stability during use.
adjustable board angle: customize the whiteboard’s angle with ease, accommodating different writing preferences and presentation styles.


enhance collaboration: the large, double-sided design allows multiple users to work simultaneously, promoting teamwork and fostering creativity.
save space: the mobile nature of the whiteboard eliminates the need for a fixed installation, freeing up valuable wall space.
quick assembly: the maxtek whiteboard can be easily assembled in minutes, allowing you to start using it right away.


improved productivity: the maxtek double-sided rolling whiteboard helps you organize your thoughts, visualize your ideas, and communicate more effectively.
versatile uses: from office meetings and classroom teaching to conference presentations and personal planning, this whiteboard caters to a wide range of applications.
long-lasting investment: the high-quality materials and construction ensure your maxtek whiteboard will remain a valuable tool for years to come.

upgrade your collaborative space with the maxtek double-sided rolling whiteboard today and experience the ultimate in convenience, functionality, and versatility. Order now and enjoy a more efficient and organized way to communicate your ideas. Maxtek whiteboard. Magnetic board. Dry erase board. Explore the premium quality and durability. Perfect for both professional and personal use.


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