Introducing the maxtek double-sided rolling whiteboard – a multipurpose mobile whiteboard for every situation
are you looking for a versatile, high-quality whiteboard that can adapt to your needs? Look no further! The maxtek double-sided rolling whiteboard is the ultimate solution for your brainstorming, presentation, and teaching requirements. Its magnetic surface, height adjustability, and ease of mobility make it the perfect addition to any workspace.

double-sided design: maximize your writing space with the maxtek whiteboard’s double-sided design, featuring a 770 x 36 inch and a 60 x 48 inch surface. Easily switch between the two sides to suit your needs without any hassle.
magnetic surface: both sides of the maxtek whiteboard boast a high-quality magnetic surface, allowing you to conveniently display documents, images, and notes. No more messy tapes or sticky notes!
height adjustable: adjust the height of the maxtek whiteboard to suit your needs. Whether you’re standing, sitting, or working with children, this feature ensures that the board is always at the perfect level.
aluminum frame & stand: the maxtek whiteboard is built with a durable aluminum frame and stand, providing stability and longevity for years to come.


easy mobility: equipped with four lockable caster wheels, the maxtek double-sided rolling whiteboard is a breeze to move from one location to another. Set it up in your conference room, office, or classroom without breaking a sweat.
enhanced collaboration: the large writing surface encourages group brainstorming sessions and interactive presentations. Engage your team, students, or clients in a more dynamic and collaborative environment.
quick & easy assembly: assembling the maxtek whiteboard is a snap, with all necessary hardware and clear instructions included. You’ll have your new mobile whiteboard up and running in no time.
space-saving solution: the maxtek double-sided rolling whiteboard’s compact design allows you to save space in your work area without compromising on functionality.


boost productivity: a well-equipped workspace is key to increased productivity. The maxtek whiteboard helps you organize your thoughts, present ideas clearly, and engage with your audience.
cost-effective: with its double-sided design and magnetic surface, the maxtek whiteboard offers excellent value for money. Invest in a versatile and durable product that will serve you well for years to come.
google ranking: maxtek whiteboard’s fab model description has been designed to rank well on google without the need for backlinks, ensuring your product receives maximum exposure and drives traffic to your website.

order your maxtek double-sided rolling whiteboard today and experience the difference it can make in your presentations, brainstorming sessions, and teaching endeavors. Elevate your workspace with this versatile, height-adjustable mobile whiteboard on wheels.
maxtek whiteboard. Magnetic board. Dry erase board. Explore the premium quality and durability. Perfect for both professional and personal use.


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